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Actor Phil Fondacaro
Appearance Land of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Mexican-American

Chihuahua is one of the wealthier residents of Fiddler's Green in the aftermath of the undead apocalypse.


When Riley Denbo and Charlie Houk were planning to leave Fiddler's Green, Chihuahua promised them a car, but he did not uphold his promise.

Riley and Charlie visit Chihuahua at his Vegas-like joint and demand the car which they were promised. Chihuahua swears to find it, and orders his guard to distract Riley. When Riley tries to rescue Slack from a zombie bet and chaos erupts, Chihuahua seizes the oppertunity to try and kill Riley.

However, Chihuahua is shot in the head and killed by Charlie before he has the chance to shoot Riley.