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Various releases of the music to Dawn of the Dead were released.


  *Zombi by Goblin

Zombi by GoblinEdit

Track listingThe original score for the film was recorded by long-time Dario Argento collaboratorsGoblin. Although the score features heavily in the European cut of the film (Argento'sZombi cut), it is used along with stock music in other edits.

  1. "L'alba Dei Morti Viventi"
  2. "Zombi"
  3. "Safari"
  4. "Torte In Faccia"
  5. "Ai Margini Della Follia"
  6. "Zaratozom"
  7. "La Caccia"
  8. "Tirassegno"
  9. "Oblio"
  10. "Risveglio"
  11. "L'alba Dei Morti Viventi (Alternate Take)" [CD Bonus Track]
  12. "Ai Margini Della Follia (Alternate Take)" [CD Bonus Track]
  13. "Zombi (Sexy)" [CD Bonus Track]
  14. "Ai Margini Della Follia (Alternate Take)" [CD Bonus Track]
  15. "Zombi (Supermarket)" [CD Bonus Track]
  16. "L'alba Dei Morti Viventi (Intro — Alternate Take)" [CD Bonus Track]
  17. "Zombi (The Living Dead's Voices!)" [CD Bonus Track]

Dawn of the Dead: The Unreleased Incidental MusicEdit

Track listing[edit]Much of the music used in the film was licensed from the De Wolfe Music Library, a much utilized source of stock music for film and TV projects. Although the Goblin score has been variously available since the film's release, it was not until 2004 that any of the highly sought-after 60-plus cues of library music used in the film were released on a compilation album from Trunk Records. The album included 'Cause I'm a Man' written by Cliff Twemlowand Peter Taylor under the pen name Peter Reno and recorded by the Pretty Things, and Herbert Chappell's 1965 composition "The Gonk" which plays over the final credits.[1] The track is used in many references to the film including Shaun of the Dead and a variation (performed in chicken clucks) is used as the end theme to Robot Chicken. The early part of the tune to "The Gonk" was used in "The Ladies' Bras", a track by Jonny Trunk andWisbey which, at only 36 seconds long, became the shortest ever UK top 40 single when it made number 27 on 30 September 2007. Shaun of the Dead opens with the track "Figment" which also features on the compilation. The track Mask of Death was used before in the monster movie The Deadly Mantis which was released in 1957, however it was parts of it not the whole thing. The album's cover is taken from a Belgian promotional poster for the film.

  1. Herbert Chappell — "The Gonk"
  2. Paul Lemel — "Cosmogony Part 1"
  3. Eric Towren — "Sinestre"
  4. Pretty Things — "'Cause I'm A Man"
  5. Simon Park — "Figment"
  6. Jack Trombey — "Mask Of Death"
  7. Derek Scott — "Scarey 1"
  8. Derek Scott — "Scarey 2"
  9. Jack Trombey — "Dark Earth"
  10. Various — "Mall Montage Scene"
    1. Reg Tilsley — "We Are The Champions"
    2. Herbert Chappell — "Ragtime Razzamatazz"
    3. Barry Stoller — "Tango Tango"
    4. Derek Scott — "Fugarock"
  11. Jack Trombey — "Barrage"
  12. Pierre Arvay — "Desert De Glace"
  13. Simon Park — "Sun High"
  14. Paul Lemel — "Dramaturgy