Debra Moynihan
Actor Michelle Morgan
Appearance Diary of the Dead
Survival of the Dead
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Debra is Jason Creed's girlfriend and a survivor of the undead apocalypse.


When the undead apocalypse occurred, Debra hid in her dormitory, trying with no effort to contact her parents. Her boyfriend, Jason, eventually arrives for her, and she joins him and the others on the road.

When they encounter several zombies which Mary Dexter, the driver, runs over, they stop for a break and Mary shoots herself with a pistol. Debra and the group rush a comatose Mary to a deserted hospital, where they encounter several zombies. Debra searches for help for Mary, and when she finds another camera, she uses it to lecture Jason about the latter's documentary being more important than their lives.

Mary dies and reanimates, and is thus killed by Professor Maxwell, while Gordo is bitten, dies, and is shot after reanimation. Debra and the others go on the road again, but the caravan breaks down, and the group encounters Samuel, a deaf, Amish man. The group fix the caravan, but are attacked by zombies before they leave, and Samuel is killed.

A few hours later, the group encounters a group of African-Americans in a fortified warehouse. There, Debra gets a text message from her little brother, saying that he and Debra's parents are fine and heading home. Ridley Wilmott calls the group and invites them to seek refuge at his fortified mansion in Philadelphia. The group gathers supplies and heads out, planning to stop by at Debra's home on the way to pick up her family.

When they reach Debra's home, Debra is ambushed by her undead brother, who Professor Maxwell then kills. They find Debra's father dead and her mother a zombie, who Maxwell immediately kills, leaving Debra devastated.

As the group sets out towards Philadelphia, a squad of rogue soldiers ambush them in the night, taking all their supplies, save their weapons. After hours of driving, the group finally arrives at Ridley's house, where Debra is alarmed by Ridley's strange behavior.

After Ridley kills Eliot, Maxwell suggests they hide in the panic room from the zombie Ridley roaming the house. While Debra and the group are preparing, Jason sneaks off and is bitten by the zombified Ridley. Knowing it is already too late for him, Debra shoots Jason in the head, vowing to continue his documentary.

Debra takes Jason's camera and begins recording everything in his place. As hundreds of zombies break into the mansion, Maxwell seals himself, Tony and Debra in the panic room with no means of escape. Debra ends the documentary by explaining how cruel some people are, and wonders whether humanity deserves to be saved.