Gordo Thorsen
Actor Chris Violette
Appearance Diary of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Gordo Thorsen died during the undead apocalypse.


Gordo was one of the crew for his friend, Jason Creed's mummy movie. When the dead begin to rise, the group goes on the road.

When they encounter several zombies which Mary Dexter, the driver, runs over, they stop for a break and Mary shoots herself with a pistol. Gordo and the group rush a comatose Mary to a deserted hospital, where they encounter several zombies which Gordo shoots and kills.

Mary dies and reanimates, and when Gordo is unable to kill her, Professor Maxwell does it himself. A zombie attacks and bites Gordo on the arm before it is killed by Eliot, and the group goes on the road again.

Gordo eventually dies from his zombie bite and reanimates, forcing Tracy to kill him.