Jane O'Flynn
Jane O'Flynn
Actor Kathleen Munroe
Appearance Survival of the Dead
Status Undead
Ethnicity Irish-American

Jane O'Flynn is the daughter of Patrick O'Flynn, and the twin sister of Janet O'Flynn. She died and reanimated during the undead apocalypse.


When Jane was alive, she loved to ride around on her horse on Plum Island. When the zombie outbreak occurred, Jane died and reanimated and was captured by the Muldoon family. Seamus Muldoon made the zombified Jane ride around on a horse like she did in life, in order to get Jane to devour the horse and eat something other than human flesh.

However, Jane doesn't eat the horse. Janet tries to reach out to Jane, but the undead Jane simply bites her sister on the hand in response.

Later, when zombies overrun the island, Jane takes a bite out of the horse she is riding, and she and numerous other zombies devour it.