Actor Russell Streiner
Appearance Night of the Living Dead
Status Undead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Johnny died and reanimated during the early stages of the undead apocalypse.


When Johnny and his sister Barbara were children, Johnny would frequently scare Barbara when they visited a Pennsylvanian cemetery.

At the beginning of the undead apocalypse, Johnny and Barbara visit their father's grave in the same cemetery. When Johnny realizes that Barbara is still afraid of the cemetery, he childishly taunts her and exclaims that an approaching man is a zombie. When Barbara walks up to the man - actually a real zombie - to apologize, the man attacks her. Johnny attacks the man, but falls and smashes his head on a tombstone.

Johnny later reanimated and joined the zombie siege on a Pennsylvanian farmhouse.


Undead Johnny

When the zombies finally break into the house, the undead Johnny attacks his sister through the front door. Barbara, stunned at the sight of her zombified brother, lowers her defenses long enough for Johnny to carry her out into the undead hordes and eat her alive.


  • Johnny was apparently killed by blunt force trauma. However, his body should have been unable to turn from this cause of death, as it would have fatally damaged the brain; this was shown in Dawn of the Dead, when Stephen killed a zombie via blunt force trauma. It is possible that the blow simply knocked Johnny unconscious, and he later died of another cause.