Judy Rose
Actor Judith Ridley
Appearance Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Night Of The Living Dead (1990)

Night Of The Living Dead Video Game
First Appearance Night Of The Living Dead (1968 Film)
Last Appearance Night Of The Living Dead (1990 Film) Night Of The Living Dead Video Game
Death Car blew up then devoured by flesh eating zombies
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Judy was one of the people who were trapped by a horde of zombies in a Pennsylvanian farm house during the early stages of the undead apocalypse.


When the undead outbreak occurred, Judy and her boyfriend, Tom joined with Harry, Helen and Karen Cooper and hid in the cellar of a Pennsylvanian farmhouse. They eventually leave the cellar, and meet fellow survivors Ben and Barbara, who have barricaded themselves in the house from the zombie hordes.


Judy Rose Right Before The Truck Blew Up

Later, when the group discovers that the nearby town of Willard is being used as a refugee station, and that their attackers are the recently dead brought back to life, they devise a plan to refuel Ben's truck outside and escape to Willard.

Ben, Tom and Judy go out to refuel Ben's truck and escape to Willard, but Tom accidentally sets the truck on fire, trapping Judy inside. As Tom tries to get Judy out of the burning pickup, the truck explodes, killing them both.

Tom and Judy's charred remains are devoured by the zombie hordes shortly after. 

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