Paul Kaufman
Actor Dennis Hopper
Appearance Land of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Paul Kaufman is the tyrant ruler of the Philadelphia-outpost in the aftermath of the undead apocalypse.


When the undead apocalypse occurred, Kaufman turned the outpost into a safe zone from the zombie-infested outside world, and rules over the city with an iron fist. Kaufman and the other wealthy live in luxury in the Fiddler's Green, while the poor live in poverty in the streets.

One day, Kaufman is approached by Cholo DeMora, who wants to retire and demands Kaufman allow him to have his own home. However, as Cholo is not good enough for Kaufman, the latter has him removed from the building, trying to kill him, but he escapes. When Cholo steals Dead Reckoning and holds Fiddler's Green hostage, demanding a five million dollar ransom, Kaufman asks that Riley Denbo stop Cholo. Riley agrees, and in exchange, he and his friends will be allowed to leave with ammunition.


Kaufman minutes before his death

Kaufman and Sutherland prepare to evacuate should Riley fail, but due to Sutherland's concern for the poor, Kaufman kills him. Though Cholo is stopped, moments later, Kaufman watches as an army of zombies rampage in the city streets. He decides to try and flee with as much money as possible, which is a quite stupid move as money cannot help him escape through the city, only weapons. When the army finally breaks into the building, Kaufman, feeling that the city belongs to him alone, tries to shoot Big Daddy, but misses his head.

Kaufman and his servant flee to Kaufman's old limo, but when Kaufman's servant abandons him, with the limo's keys, Big Daddy fills the limo's interior with gas. As Kaufman leaves the limo to get the spare keys, he is attacked by the zombified Cholo. Big Daddy then ignites the gas around the limo, killing Kaufman and the undead Cholo.