Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy
Actor Joanne Boland
Appearance Land of the Dead
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Pretty Boy is the driver of Dead Reckoning.


Pretty Boy was made the drive and controller of Riley Denbo's invention, Dead Reckoning. Pretty Boy is among Cholo's group who plot to steal Dead Reckoning and hold Fiddler's Green for ransom. When the vehicle is left unguarded, the group successfully steals the vehicle and take it to a remote location outside the city.

Riley, Slack and Charlie eventually locate Dead Reckoning, but are captured by Cholo. However, Riley pushes Cholo out of Dead Reckoning and Pretty Boy and Cholo's group is captured. When Fiddler's Green comes under attack from Big Daddy's zombie army, Riley, Charlie, Pretty Boy and the rest of Riley's group return to the city in Dead Reckoning.

When the group finally reach the gates of Fiddler's Green, they find they city overrun with zombies, and everyone seemingly dead. Riley orders Pretty Boy to fire at the gates, which she does. Dozens of survivors then come out of hiding, with plans to rebuild the city free of Kaufman's tyranny. They offer Riley's group to stay and help them, but they decline. As Riley, Slack, Charlie, Pillsbury, Pretty Boy and the rest of Cholo's ex-group prepare to leave for Canada, they see Big Daddy leading his zombie army out of the city. Pretty Boy is about to fire on the leaving zombies, but Riley stops her, as the zombies are just looking for a place to belong.

Pretty Boy and the group then depart north in Dead Reckoning, firing the fireworks they no longer need into the sky to celebrate.