Private Rickles
Actor Ralph Marrero
Appearance Day of the Dead
Status Dead

Private Robert Rickles is a survivor of the undead apocalypse.


About a year after the zombie outbreak, Rickles is one of the remnants of the US military hiding out with several others in the Seminole Storage Facility while zombies overrun the surface world.

One day, Rickles and his good friend, Steel, force Miguel Salazar to help Steel cage a zombie from the infested caves. When the captured zombie breaks free from Miguel, it attacks and almost kills Rickles until it is destroyed.

Some days later, when Rhodes, Rickles and the others discover that Dr. Logan is feeding Bub Miller and Johnson's remains, they lower Sarah and Bill into the zombie-infested caves and try to force John to fly them to safety in the helicopter. However, at that moment, Miguel raises the elevator onto the surface, and Rhodes sends Steel and Rickles to investigate.

Steel and Rickles reach the elevator to find that Miguel has destroyed the interior controls, trapping the men in the complex. Steel and Rickles immediately begin arguing amongst each other, when the elevator lowers back into the complex, carrying hundreds of zombies with it.

As the zombies infest the complex, and Rhodes leaves them to die, Rickles separates from Torrez and Steel and tries to escape past the zombies. However, as he becomes cornered by the zombies Rickles panics and begins laughing hysterically until he is overwhelmed and killed by the horde.

Day of the Dead (1985) Death of Pvt Rickles

Day of the Dead (1985) Death of Pvt Rickles

Private Rickles death


- Rickles use of a Heckler and Koch G3 battle rifle, like Rhodes' Model 629s, are inaccurate; the military was never issued these guns.