Captain Rhodes
Actor Joseph Pilato
Appearance Day of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Captain Henry Rhodes is a survivor of the undead apocalypse. He is the villain of "Day of the Dead 1985".


About a year after the zombie outbreak, Henry Rhodes is a former military captain hiding out with several others in the Seminole Storage Facility while zombies overrun the surface world.

After months in the facility, Rhodes, like many others, became less and less stable. After Major Cooper died, Rhodes took control. Rhodes threatens those around him, even his own men, and threatens to shut the research down.

One day, after Miguel is bitten, Rhodes declares that the scientists' zombie research will be shut down, and the specimens destroyed, tomorrow. The next day, when Rhodes and his men discover that Logan has been using the other soldiers' fresh corpses to try and domesticate zombies, Rhodes drags Logan into a refrigerator used to store human meat, and kills a pleading Logan in cold blood.

Now completely insane, Rhodes kills Ted Fischer and has Sarah and McDermott disarmed and lowered into the zombie-infested caves. He orders John to take Rhodes and his men away on the chopper, and when John refuses, Rhodes has Steel mercilessly beat him. While Rhodes is distracted, John knocks him out, disarms him, and escapes with his guns.

When Rhodes wakes up, he and Torrez search the complex for Steel and Rickles. When zombies infest the complex, Rhodes leaves Torrez, Rickles and Steel to die while he hides in Logan's lab. There, he is attacked by a vengeful Bub. As Rhodes tries to flee from Bub, he runs into a horde of zombies who reach for him. He tries to escape from their reach, but Bub shoots him in the side, causing him to topple back into the horde who eviscerate him. Bub gives Rhodes a mocking salute as the zombies eat the captain alive. His last words are "Choke on 'em!".


- Rhodes revolvers are Smith & Wesson 629 .44 magnum with six-inch barrels. It can be seen that the barrels of the revolvers have received the Mag-Na-Port recoil-reducing porting.