Ridley Wilmott
Actor Philip Riccio
Appearance Diary of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Ridley Wilmott was killed during the undead apocalypse.


Ridley was one of the main actors for his friend, Jason Creed's mummy movie. When the dead begin to rise, Ridley and his girlfriend, Francine, head to Ridley's mansion in Philadelphia, where they lock themselves inside the panic room from the zombie hordes.

Francine and her family died, and Ridley somehow lured the fresh zombies into his indoor swimming pool, but not before Ridley was bitten on the hand. Ridley contacts Jason and his friends, and invites them to take refuge at his mansion with him. When the group arrives, it becomes clear that he may have gone insane from seeing his loved ones die, justifying putting the undead in the swimming pool because he didn't want too dig up his mothers garden, hinting at psychosis, causing him to lose touch with reality.

When the group finally arrives at the mansion, Ridley succumbs to the zombie bite and reanimates. He goes on a rampage in the mansion, attacking Jason and Tracy outside. Tracy manages to knock the undead Ridley out, but Ridley later recovers. He attacks and indirectly kills Eliot. He then attacks and bites Jason, prompting Professor Maxwell to slice Ridley's head in half, killing him.