Actor R.D. Reid
Appearance Diary of the Dead
First Appearance Diary of the Dead
Last Appearance Diary of the Dead
Death 2007
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Samuel was a deaf Amish farmer. He was killed during the undead apocalypse.


During the early stages of the zombie outbreak, Jason Creed and his group arrive at Samuel's barn, where they repair their caravan's broken fuel line. He is shown too be skilled at dispatching the undead, using dynamite too kil three that caught the group by surprise, and a scythe. Just as they are about to leave, a group of zombies attack the barn. Samuel attempts too flee with the group, but is ambushed and bitten in the neck by a zombie. Samuel impales himself, and the zombie behind him, through the head with a scythe, killing both himself and the zombie.