Appearance Land of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Sutherland is one of the rulers of Fiddler's Green in the aftermath of the undead apocalypse.


When the dead began to rise and Fiddler's Green became a sanctuary from the zombie hordes, Sutherland was one of the wealthier, upper-class residents, and became one of the leaders of the city.

When the zombie assault on Fiddler's Green occurs, Kaufman, Sutherland and the other leaders prepare to evacuate. However, Sutherland expresses concern for the defenceless citizens living on the city's infested streets, so just as Sutherland and the others begin to leave the building, Kaufman tricks Sutherland into turning around. Kaufman then forces Sutherland onto his knees and shoots him in the head.


Sutherland was more warm-hearted than Kaufman, and was concerned for the lower class citizens of the city when the zombie army attacked the city.