The Shopping Mall

The Mall In ReallityEdit

Monroeville Mall, owned and operated by CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., is a two-level, enclosed shopping mall in the municipality of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, east of Pittsburgh. It is located along heavily traveled U.S. Route 22 near the junction of Interstate 376 and the Monroeville interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It was completed in 1969, extensively renovated and expanded in 2003-2004, and includes Macy's, J. C. Penney, Dick's Sporting Goods, Cinemark Theatres, Barnes & Noble and H&M as anchor tenants. It contains 1,418,700 square feet (131,800 m2) of leaseable retail space on 170 acres (0.7 km2), making it the second largest shopping complex in Western Pennsylvania in terms of square footage. It is one of two CBL-owned malls in the Pittsburgh area, the other being Westmoreland Mall in Greensburg. Adjacent to Monroeville Mall, several major shopping centers including the Miracle Mile Shopping Center, well-known national retailers and restaurants can be found along the U.S. Route 22 commercial corridor, the biggest such concentration of retailers and other commercial businesses in the eastern environs of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. The mall is most famous for being the filming location of the George A. Romero horror film Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Film AppearanceEdit

Located in Pennsylvania, the mall was a peaceful place to shop prior to the zombie outbreak; Hundreds of undead are drawn to the mall due to their memories of it. Three weeks after the beginning of the plague, Stephen Andrews, Francine Parker, Roger DiMarco, and Peter Washington arrived at the mall and used it for shelter after securing the doors. Roger was infected while helping to secure the doors and later reanimated, forcing Peter to destroy him. Several months later, a band of outlaw bikers led by Blades discovered the mall and breached the doors in order to loot the stores, allowing hundreds of ghouls inside in the process. Stephen started a shootout with the bikers resulting in casualties on both sides. Peter and Francine were forced to abandon the mall because the undead had discovered their living quarters after the reanimated Stephen led them there.