Private Torrez
Actor Taso N. Stavrakis
First Appearance Day of the Dead
Last Appearance Day of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Hispanic-American

Private Juan Torrez is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse.


About a year after the zombie outbreak, Torrez is one of the remnants of the US military hiding out with several others in an underground complex while zombies overrun the surface world. There, Torrez grows marijuana plants.

One day, when Rhodes, Torrez and the others discover that Dr. Logan is feeding Bub Miller and Johnson's remains, they lower Sarah and Bill into the zombie-infested caves and try to force John to fly them to safety in the helicopter. However, at that moment, Miguel raises the elevator onto the surface, allowing John to knock Torrez and Rhodes out and escape with their weapons.


torrez with his g3a3

Day of the Dead (1985) Death of Pvt Torrez

Day of the Dead (1985) Death of Pvt Torrez

private Torrez death