Nice Shot Wooley!


Wooley Got Shot For Breaking The Squad Rules!!

Actor James Baffico
Appearance Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Death Shot in the chest
Status Undead(probably)
Ethnicity American

Wooley was the leader of the SWAT team during the undead apocalypse.


Prior to the zombie outbreak, Wooley was a veteran member of the Philadelphia Police Department and leader of the SWAT team that Roger DiMarco belonged to. In the third week of the outbreak, Wooley and his team were sent along with another SWAT team (that included Peter Washington) and the United States National Guard to attack and raid an apartment building where the tenants refused to turn over their dead for disposal. Before the attack, he showed signs of extreme aggression and mental instability, using racial slurs to describe the apartment's tenants and threatening to kill them all. Once the attack began, Wooley gleefully shot several armed and unarmed tenants indiscriminately. Roger tried to restrain him but failed, forcing Peter to shoot him through the chest, killing him. It is possible that he reanimated