Actor Boyd Banks
Appearance Land of the Dead
Status Undead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

The Zombie Butcher (real name unknown) is one of the zombies who participated in the attack on Fiddler's Green.


Little is known of the Butcher's life before the dead began to rise, except that he was apparently a butcher. When the undead apocalypse occurred, Butcher died and reanimated.

For years, Butcher roamed the deserted towns neighboring Fiddler's Green. Butcher, like many other zombies in the area, joins Big Daddy's army in the attack on the city. Overwhelming the military posts, Butcher and the army reach the river surrounding Fiddler's Green. When Big Daddy realizes that he and the zombies cannot drown as they are already dead, Butcher and the army march across the river bed and into the city on the other side of the river.

Butcher and the army rampage through the streets of Fiddler's Green towards the city's mall, killing and/or devouring any living humans in their way. The army reaches the mall, and Big Daddy and the zombies use blunt objects they acquired earlier to break into the mall and slaughter the upper-class snobs.

When a large number of the city's residents are slaughtered and their revenge is taken, the army and Butcher leave the city in search of somewhere they belong.